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Meet the Research Team

Dean F. Oliver

Director, Research

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Contemporary Canada and the World

Bianca Gendreau

Manager, Contemporary Canada and the World

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Olivier Côté

Curator, Media and Communications

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Jenny Ellison

Curator, Sport and Leisure

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Xavier Gélinas

Curator, Political History

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Judith Klassen

Curator, Cultural Expression

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Laura Sanchini

Curator, Craft, Design and Popular Culture

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James Trepanier

Curator, Post-Confederation Canada

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First Peoples and Early Canada

Alan C. Elder

Manager, First Peoples and Early Canada

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Matthew Betts

Curator, Eastern Archaeology

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Pierre Desrosiers

Curator, Central Archaeology

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Timothy P. Foran

Curator, British North America

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Kaitlin McCormick

Curator, Western Ethnology

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Katie Pollock

Curator, Central Ethnology

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Karen Ryan

Curator, Northern Canada

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Gabriel Yanicki

Curator, Western Archeology

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Janet Young

Curator, Physical Anthropology

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Repatriation and Indigenous Relations

Karen Albright Murchison

Collections Analyst, Repatriation

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Kelly Cameron

Collections Analyst, Repatriation

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Gaëlle Mollen

Coordinator, RBC Indigenous Internship Program

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Resources For Scholars

Major museums such as the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Canadian War Museum are, by definition, centres of learning. They have an obligation to undertake research and to stimulate research on their own collections and relevant to their purposes. The Canadian Museum of Civilization is heir to a tradition of research and collecting that extends back to the Geological Survey of Canada (1842), while the Canadian War Museum dates from an unofficial initiative in 1880 on the part of the militia officers of the Ottawa Garrison. Researchers who have been associated with the museums since those times have given the museums an international reputation and made enduring contributions to Canadian studies.

The Scholars section of is intended to provide convenient access to selected information and knowledge resources that are the outcome of the institutions’ research activity or are tools designed to assist the research process (e.g. bibliographies).




First Peoples


Military History


Postal History

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