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Ukrainians in Canada

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This bibliography presents books and articles on the Ukrainians
that are available at the Canadian
Museum of Civilization’s library

Prepared by Brigitte Lafond, August 1991; updated April 13, 1998
Information Management Services Division

Art and Ethnicity: The Ukrainian Tradition in Canada. Hull:
Canadian Museum of Civilization. 1991.
Cote/Call number: FC106 U5 A77 1991

Art et ethnicité : La tradition ukrainienne au Canada.
Hull : Musée canadien des civilisations. 1991.
Cote/Call number: FC106 U5 A7714 1991

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Ukrainian Village Society. 1988.
Cote/Call number: TT848 T52

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poselenníà v Kanadi (1891-1991)
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Cote/Call number: FC106 U5 B67 1991

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History of the Luzan Grocery Store
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Centre for Folk Culture Studies. 1972.
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Ukrainian Settlers in Canada
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in Canada, 1891-1976
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from Ukraine to Canada: Biographies of Jacob and Frieda Friesen
Scarborough (Ont.): Lochleven Publishers. 1995.
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Paths of the Ukrainian Pioneers of Alberta
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