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Meet the Research Team

Bianca Gendreau

Acting Senior Director, Research and Chief Curator

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Contemporary Canada and the World

Laura Sanchini

Acting Manager, Contemporary Canada

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Olivier Côté

Curator, Media and Communications

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Xavier Gélinas

Curator, Political History

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Judith Klassen

Curator, Cultural Expression

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James Trepanier

Curator, Post-Confederation Canada

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First Peoples and Early Canada

Jenny Ellison

Manager, Indigenous Peoples and Early Canada

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Matthew Betts

Curator, Eastern Archaeology

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Pierre Desrosiers

Curator, Central Archaeology

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Timothy P. Foran

Curator, British North America

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Salina Kemp

Curator, Eastern Ethnology

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Jean-Francois Lozier

Curator, French North America

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Kaitlin McCormick

Curator, Western Ethnology

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Katie Pollock

Curator, Central Ethnology

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Karen Ryan

Curator, Northern Canada

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Gabriel Yanicki

Curator, Western Archeology

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Janet Young

Curator, Physical Anthropology

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Repatriation and Indigenous Relations

John Moses

Director, Repatriation and Indigenous Relations

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Karen Albright Murchison

Collections Analyst, Repatriation

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Kelly Cameron

Supervisor, Repatriation

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Indigenous Internship Program

The Indigenous Internship Program offers professional and technical training in museum practises for First Nations, Inuit and Métis participants from across Canada. It is the first and most comprehensive program of its kind in Canada. The goal of the Program is to develop ways for Indigenous nations across Canada to represent their own history and culture in concert with cultural institutions.

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