A Guide To The Doukhobor Archives

Prepared by Nicole Chamberland, 1995
Updated August 1997
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This Guide presents a compilation of unpublished records about the Doukhobors held in the Canadian Museum of Civilization’s archives. These records consist of textual archives such as research reports and material, transcriptions of interviews and songs, correspondence and exhibit material. Where documents are related to audiovisual material, cross-references are indicated after the call number. In addition to the following textual and unpublished sources, the Museum also holds an important photographic and audio collection on the Doukhobors including psalms and hymns and also various books and periodical articles. For more information or to obtain copies of these documents please contact the Reference Services of the Library and Archives.

Calvert, Natalia (Eremina)

The Historical Features and the Traditions of Doukhobor Architecture in Canada: A Critical Survey of the Literature. [1993], original in Russian, typed, 34 pages, handwritten, 46 pages, and English translation, 34 pages.
Call No: 94-25

Cass-Beggs, Michael

CCFCS (Canadian Center for Folk Culture Studies) Doukhobor Exhibition Project: A Preliminary musicological commentary. Original, 1993, 11 pages.
Call No: 95-11

  • Part 1: A Critical/Annotated Bibliography (printed matter, published/unpublished) relating to the Doukhobor song/music/psalm tradition. Original, 1994, 4 cm.
    Call No: 94-15
  • Part 2: A Critical/Annotated Filmography (moving images, all/any media) relating to the Doukhobor song/music/psalm tradition. Original, 1994, 1.5 cm.
    Call No: 94-23
  • Part 3: A Critical/Annotated Discography (audio materials) relating to the Doukhobor song/music/psalm tradition. Original, 1994, 4 cm.
    Call No: 94-37
  • Part 4: A Selection of 14 Doukhobor song items (including psalms) from the CCFCS/CMC Collection, for public dissemination. Photocopy, 1994, 4 pages.
    Call No: 94-38

CCFCS Exhibition The Doukhobors The Spirit Wrestlers, under the direction of Robert Klymasz

Exhibit research material (in English and French)

  • Invitation cards for exhibit opening, 1996
  • Scanned image reproduction of original 42 cm print “Visual History of the Doukhobors”, by John Kalmakov, 1994
  • Training material prepared by the CMC Public Programmes, 1996
  • “Content Package Up-Date”, list of artifacts, by Robert Klymasz, 1994
    Call No: 96-F0003
  • Field work photographs of the National Doukhobor Heritage Village (Veregin, Saskatchewan) and the Western Development Museum (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan): Views of exhibits, artifacts, buildings, collected by R. Klymasz, c.1991
    Call No: 96-F0010, 96-F0012

Doukhobor Storybook Project

Five stories translated in English from originals in Russian, by Kay F. Stone, University of Winnipeg, 1995, original, unpublished manuscript.
English and Russian versions of interview with Varvara Sukhorukova in the Tarasoff video interview, 1992, 5 pages, copies.
Administrative correspondence between Robert Klymasz and Kay Stone
Call No: 97-F0004
Cross-Reference: Video V97-0257; 15 color transparencies

Horvath, Maria & McIntosh, Jack

Doukhobor Bibliography, Preliminary revised edition, 1986, 427 pages, Revised and expanded, 1993, 187 pages, University of British Columbia, photocopies.
Call No: 96-F0019

Inikova, Svetlana A.

The history of the Doukhobors according to the material from V.D. Bonch-Bruevich’s Fonds in the State Museum of the History of Religion and in the Manuscript Section of the Russian State Library. Original in Russian, 1992, 114 pages, with English translation, 1993, 111 pages.
Call No: 93-01, 93-08

– Material concerning 26 incantation-texts from Doukhobors in Western Canada in 1899-1900, recorded and written by hand by V.D. Bonch-Bruevich; originals in the archives of the Museum of the History of Religion, St-Petersburg, Russia; annotated by S. Inikova, followed by an article on Incantations of Canadian Doukobors, now and then, and instructions for translator. Originals in Russian, c.1994, 10 cm.
Call No: 95-17 to 95-20

Klymasz, Robert

Tracking the “Living Book”: Doukhobor Song in Canada since 1899, article published in the Canadian Folk Music Journal, Vol. 21, 1993, and research material pertaining to this article. Originals and copies, 10 cm.
Call No: 94-44

Mealing, F. Mark

Ethnic Groups in Western Canada: A Folklife Survey of Acculturation and Report of Artifact Purchase, [including Doukhobors], unpublished report, photos with captions, 1973, 102 pages.
Call No: MEA-A-1
Cross-reference: photographs nos 74-124 to 74- 237

A Doukhobor discography,1973, 12 pages.
Call No: MEA-E-1

Correspondence with the museum staff, 1969-1973, 1cm.
Call No: MEA-D-1

Peacock, Kenneth

Ethnic Folkmusic Survey in Central and Western Canada [including Doukhobors], report containing general comments, list of informants and contacts, recordings, donations and recommendations, 1962, original, 94 pages.
Call No: PEA-A-4

Ethnic Folkmusic Project: Report on Summer Field Research [Doukhobors], 1964, original, 2 pages.
Call No: PEA-A-5

Ethnic Folkmusic Research Program: Research Summary 1966 [including Doukhobor group], original, 2 pages.
Call No: PEA-A-8

Ethnic Folkmusic and Artifact Surveys: 1967 Research Summary, [including Doukhobor group], research in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, original, 2 pages.
Call No: PEA-A-10.5

Survey of Doukhobor Artifacts (65 artifact survey sheets with photographs and 99 slides), 1971-1972, 65 pages + 99 slides.
Call No: PEA-A-13

Book reviews concerning Songs of the Doukhobors, 1970-1973.
Call No: PEA-D-1.4 to 1.12

Administrative document relating to the publication of Songs of the Doukhobors, 1966-1967.
Call. No: PEA-D-3.5, 3.6

Photos [probably] from Western Canada prepared for the publication of Songs of the Doukhobors, c.1970.
Call No: PEA-D-5.2

Choral Songs of the Doukhobors, Lecture given at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto, 12 Nov. 1970, photocopy, 17 pages.
Call No: PEA-E-1

Some Observations on Doukhobor Psalms and their Auditory Function, (religious sects, revelation and divination, song styles analysis on sacred music), paper prepared for the annual meeting of the American Folklore Society, Toronto, 17-19 Nov. 1967, photocopy.
Call No: PEA-E-2

Article on the 1963 Peacock music research among the Doukhobors, in the 26 July 1963 issue of the Doukhobor journal Iskra (The Spark)
29 pages.
Call No: PEA-I-2.2

Indexes and transcriptions of audiotapes:

  • PEA 218: Doukhobor Choral Music, recorded by K. Peacock, Grand Forks, B.C., 1962. Detailed index.
  • PEA 242: Doukhobor Hymns and Folksongs, recorded by R.S. Staples, Kylemore, Saskatchewan, 1955. Index.
  • PEA 260 to 293: Doukhobor Folksongs, recorded by K. Peacock, Doukhobor Community Centre, Grand Forks, B.C., 1963. Indexes and transcriptions.
  • PEA 294 to 297: Vasili Bokov and the Ikons, A Doukhobor play in Russian about a Doukhobor Martyr, Vasili Bokov, based on stories handed down in oral tradition. Assembled by Konstantin Dergosoff, recorded by K. Peacock, Grand Forks, B.C., 1963. Indexes and transcription for PEA 294.
  • PEA 298 to 302: Doukhobor Children’s School Festival, Grand Forks, B.C., 1963. Indexes and transcriptions.
  • PEA 307 – 308: Doukhobor Folksongs sung by Doukhobors of The Lundbreck Cowley. Recorded by K.Peacock, Doukhobor Prayer Home, Alberta, 1964. Indexes with Russian and English transcriptions.
  • PEA 309 to 337: Doukhobor Folksongs, recorded in Alberta and Saskatchewan, mainly at the Doukhobor, Prayer Home, 1964. Indexes with Russian and English transcriptions.
  • PEA 381 to 385: Doukhobor Centennial Choir, Group of 67 members formed in 1966 to rehearse for a series of performances at Expo 67 and chosen to represent the 3 main groups of Doukhobors in Canada. Recorded by K. Peacock, 1967. Indexes.
    Cross-reference: Audiotapes

Pohorecky, Zenon S.

Statement outlining feasibility of initiating ethno-archaeological studies of Early Doukhobor and/or other early East European/Slavic Settlements on the prairies of western Canada, report and related administrative documents, 1993, 1.5 cm.
Call No: 93-23

Popoff, Eli A.

Stories from Doukhobor Tradition collected and compiled from old texts and from oral tradition in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. The collection covers Doukhobor history from its early origin to the first years in Canada. In Russian, mimeographed booklet, 1956, 80 pages.
Call No: 93-14

An Historical Exposition on the Origin and Evolvement of the Basic Tenets of the Doukhobor Life-Conception (part 1; Origin and Formation; part 2: Evolvement in the Caucasus; part 3: Development in Canada; appendix 1-3: historical exposition on Doukhobors (songs, psalms, hymns, rules of life, philosophical concepts)
[1964-1965], 74 pages.
Call No: POE-A-1

      Published under the title:

Historical Exposition on Doukhobor Beliefs

      related to religious beliefs, religious practices, sects, intolerance, songs, psalms, hymns, correspondence, peacemaking. Mimeographed booklet published by Iskra Publication, British Columbia, 1966, 58 pages.


      Call No: POE-C-1

The Soul Expressive Heritage of the Doukhobors – Russian Group Singing (song text, sacred music, sect, song composer, choir, singing, psalm & hymn, prayer text). 1968, 13 pages. This text was joined to the transcriptions and translations of Peacock’s Doukhobor songs. (Originals in Peacock collection).
Call No: POE-A-2

Administrative correpondence, including some drafts of contracts, related to a Doukhobor exhibition, the publication of his contract report and the recording of Doukhobor choirs. 1963-1971, 1 cm.
Call No: POE-B-1.1

Summer Project Doukhobor – M. Makartoff-Malloff, leader

Project concerning Doukhobor folk tales in British Columbia
Letter signed by Dr. F.M.Mealing, project advisor.
1977-1978, 3 pages
Call No: SPD-A-1

Sutyla, Charles M.

The Finnish Sauna in Canada, report describing the origin of the Finnish sauna and its specific development in Manitoba, including the Doukhobor bania. Published in National Museum of Man, CCFCS, Mercury Series no.24, 1977, 117 pages.
Call No: SUT-A-1.2

The Finnish Sauna in Canada, progress report containing objectives, progress, methodology, findings, bibliography and map, 1976, 6 pages.
Call No: SUT-A-1.1

Tarasoff, Koozma J.

English and Russian Versions of Interview with Varvara Sukhorukova of Nelson, B.C. in the Kristina Kristova-Koozma J. Tarasoff Video Interview no.10 at the Annual Doukhobor Youth Festival, Castlegar, British Columbia, May 1992. Original, 1994, 5 pages.
Call No.: 95-03
Cross-reference: Video tape no. TAR-Vc-1 and manuscript 93-18

Tarasoff tape recording guide for the Tarasoff-Inikova Ethnographic Expedition of North America, Summer 1990, Tapes nos 1001-1108. Original and copy, 1991, 1 cm, in English and Russian.
Call No: 90-16
Cross-reference: 108 sound recordings nos TAR-Ac-1 to 108 and manuscript 90-15

Current trends among Doukhobors living in Canada, USA, and the Soviet Union. 1990, 16 pages.
Call No: 90-15

Index and annotations relating to the videotape of interviews with Canadian Doukhobors by Kristina Kristova, produced by K. Tarasoff. Annotations by K. Tarasoff. 30 April 1993, 11 pages.
Call No: 93-18
Cross-reference: 2 videotapes nos TAR-Vc-1-2

A Sociological Study of the Doukhobors in Canada (history in brief, ideology, social organization, land tenure and technology, bibliography). 1964, 63 pages. Partly published in June 1969 under the title Pictorial History of the Doukhobors. Call No: TAR-A-1

Traditional Doukhobor Folkways: An Ethnographic and Biographic Record of Prescribed Behaviour, 1976, 391 pages, published in Mercury Series, CCFCS paper no.20; interim report no. 1, 1975, 1 page; interim report no. 2, 1976, 10 pages. Subjects: marriage and man-woman relationships, death and burial practices; singing style, music and drama, Sobranie gatherings and decision-making, cloting styles, food and eating habits; handicraft; work and recreation, health, retirement, Russian language aand multiculturalism, persistence of Doukhobor ideology; general trends.
Call No: TAR-A-4.3

Administrative documents:

  • Contracts pertaining to A Sociological Study of the Doukhobors, 1964, 5 pages.
    Call No: TAR-C-3.1
  • Comments on the report Traditional Doukhobor Folkways, 1978, 4 pages.
    Call No: TAR-C-2.1
  • Letters, notes and comments concerning the publication of Traditional Doukhobor Folkways, 1967-1976, 0.5cm
    Call No: TAR-C-1.1
  • A Checklist of the Papers of Koozma J. Tarasoff compiled by Saskatchewan Archives Board, Saskatoon, 1995, 251 pages, photocopies.
    Call No: 96-F0009

In conjunction with audio material:

  • Text accompanying the album of 2 discs featuring Doukhobor songs recorded in Russian villages: Write the word in your heart and proclaim it in song. Songs performed by the Doukhobors of Dzhavakhetia. Original in Russian [c.1990], 3 pages, English translation, 1993, 11 pages. Received from K. Tarasoff.
    Call No: 93-17.
    Cross-reference: discs KLY 2779-2780.
  • Index relating to 17 rare Doukhobor records, 1948-1954, made by L. Ewashen, the vendor. Original, 1993, 3 pages.
    Call No: 93-19
    Cross-reference: 17 records KLY-2781-2799 and tapes 14-15.
  • Index relating to 48 Doukhobor records on musical tradition in Canada. Original, c.1993, 4 pages.
    Call No: 93-20
    Cross-reference: 48 records KLY 2800-2848.