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Douglas Cardinal Salon

The Douglas Cardinal Salon is located near the Grand Hall. It is ideal for meetings and workshops. Adjacent to the Douglas Cardinal Salon is the VIP Lounge which is often used for the catering services, as a breakout room, or for small meetings.


*The maximum capacity may change according to the measures recommended by federal and provincial health authorities.

Rental Fee

$800 plus tax with minimum food and beverage order.

Note: If catering is not required, a flat fee of $200 per room, per day, will be added to all rental agreements for linens and/or water service. Catering from outside sources is not permitted in the Museum’s rental facilities.



Floor Plans

Douglas Cardinal Salon and VIP Lounge (PDF file, 113 Kb)
Douglas Cardinal Salon and VIP Lounge – Dimensions (PDF file, 123 Kb)


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