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About CINÉ+

  • 2 giant screens
  • 7 storeys high
  • 180o field of vision
  • 6-channel digital sound system
  • 30,000 watts of sound
  • laser 4K projection capable
  • 295/285 seats

The Canadian Museum of History’s CINÉ+

  • Is the only movie theatre in North America to have the capability of showing 2D and 3D films on a giant flat screen and 2D films on a giant dome screen in the same room.
  • Uses the largest commercial film format in motion picture history: 15 perforation/70 mm for its Dome projections
  • The Museum’s movie theatre presents unique and enriching adventures into the heart of history and culture. Experience a wide assortment of sensational, touching and inspiring films, each lasting from 20 to 45 minutes.
  • Is one of only four cinemas in Canada capable to offer laser 4K film projections on its giant screen.

The Dome

  • Offers an incredibly immersive cinematographic experience with its 180o field of vision
  • Measures 23 metres in diameter and is stored out of sight on the cinema’s ceiling when not in use. It moves on an ingenious hoist system and weighs 8,600 kilograms.

The Screen

  • Is a 3D polarized high-gain screen, measuring 22,86 meters wide by 16,31 meters high (75 feet wide and 53 feet high). That’s 3975 square feet – it’s huge!

The Sound System

  • Is a full wrap-around 6-channel digital sound system that produces 30,000 watts of audio.

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