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Frequently Asked Questions



How do I book a History Box?

Bookings are accepted on the Canadian Museum of History website at Book a History Box.

Requests for History Boxes are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

What is the cost to borrow the History Box?

There is no charge to the school. History Boxes are free to borrow. The cost of shipping is also covered by the Canadian Museum of History thanks to our generous donors.

Can I borrow more than one History Box?

The Canadian Museum of History wants the History Boxes to reach as many schools as possible. For that reason, loans will be limited to one box per school, per semester. We encourage teachers to share the History Box between classes while it is at their school.

Please note that schools are eligible to borrow one Discovery Box from the Canadian War Museum and one History Box from the Canadian Museum of History within the same semester.

How will the History Box be delivered?

The History Box will be delivered by courier. Arrangements will be coordinated by the Canadian Museum of History’s Learning team. Please ensure that someone is available to receive the delivery at the arranged time.

Who is eligible to book a History Box?

History Box loans are available only to primary, elementary, intermediate and secondary schools in Canada.

During the summer, the History Boxes will return to the Canadian Museum of History for maintenance and will not be available to borrow.

About the History Boxes

Is the History Box bilingual?

All material developed by the Canadian Museum of History for the History Boxes is available in both French and English. When artifacts or archival material included in the History Box is unilingual, we provide either an equivalent piece in each language, or a translation of the text.

Does the History Box reflect my curriculum?

Yes! Since each province and territory has its own unique curriculum, we have taken common themes from across the country and used them as guides for content, activity suggestions and lesson plans.

We recommend using objects as entry points to talk about different periods in Canada’s history, or as lessons in historical inquiry to build students’ critical thinking and historical skills.

Which grades will benefit most from the History Box program?

The History Box can be used from Kindergarten to Grade 12 (Quebec Secondary 5), but is targeted primarily at grades 4 to 8 (Quebec Cycle 2 to Secondary 1). Backgrounders, lesson plans and suggested learning activities (supported by Historical Thinking concepts) are included with the History Box, making it possible to adapt the lesson plans to your students and learning outcomes.

Using the History Box

Can students try on the clothing contained in the History Box and handle all the objects?

Yes. All objects can and should be handled by students! We recommend that students wash their hands before and after handling the objects.

The clothing items included in the History Boxes are all reproduction materials. They are sturdy enough to be worn, provided that they are treated with care.

For more information, please review our Safe Handling Guidelines (PDF file).

Note – Birchbark moose call: For sanitary reasons, we recommend that students do not put their mouths on the mouthpiece.

Note – Hats and clothing: Please use your best judgment regarding allowing students to try on and share the clothing, in particular hats and jackets.

Note – Artwork: The History Box includes many pieces created by Indigenous artists specifically for use in this Box. They are one of a kind, and cannot be easily replaced. Please take care when handling them.

Am I allowed to keep the materials in the teacher resources or USB stick?

No, the teacher resources and USB stick must be kept with the History Box. However, you may copy any of the materials you wish.

You can also visit the Teachers’ Zone to access these materials at any time!

Please do not write on or alter any items in the History Box. If you have comments regarding any of the contents, please contact us at

I’m teaching my classes virtually; can I still use the History Box effectively?

Yes! While the box was designed for in-person and hands-on learning, you can still use it while teaching your students virtually.

Visit our online component on the Teachers’ Zone, and read these tips and tricks for using the History Box in a virtual setting (PDF file).

Lost, Stolen, Damaged and Missing Items

What happens if I do not return the History Box?

The cost to replace a History Box is $5,000. The school responsible for the reservation will be charged the full replacement cost if the History Box is not returned.

What happens if an object is lost, missing or damaged on arrival or during the loan to the school?

When the History Box arrives at your school you will be required to complete an artifact inventory and condition check. If any items are missing or damaged, please notify the Canadian Museum of History immediately and we will send a replacement object.

If an item is broken while the History Box is in your school, please notify the Canadian Museum of History so we can send a replacement object.

Other Questions

Does the Canadian Museum of History offer additional educational resources and programs?

The Canadian Museum of History offers many additional online and on-site educational resources.

Visit for more tailored educational content.

I still have unanswered questions. Who should I contact?

Email or call 819-776–8281 or 819-776-8291.