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About History Box

The History Box is a free hands-on learning experience that brings the Canadian Museum of History into your classroom.

Coming from across the country, and highlighting varied perspectives, these expertly curated objects illuminate the richness and diversity of the Canadian experience. They can be used as entry points to talk about different periods in Canada’s history, or as lessons in historical inquiry to build students’ critical thinking and historical skills.

Designed for object- and inquiry-based learning, the History Box contains authentic and reproduction artifacts related to Canada’s history, from the earliest times to the present, along with tools to help teachers lead engaging activities and lessons.

Classrooms across Canada can experience the Canadian Museum of History by exploring Canadian history through 25 objects. The objects in the History Box cover three historical eras: Pre-Contact, Contact and Modern.

Each object in the History Box reflects one or more of the themes below, which match topics covered in national curricula:

  • Canadian Identity
  • Geography and the Environment
  • Indigenous and European Relations
  • Symbols, Art and Cultural Expression

A History Box can be borrowed for a maximum of two weeks by any school in Canada — free of charge!

What’s in the History Box?