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The Royal Proclamation of 1763

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A unique opportunity to recognize a landmark event in Canadian history

Created to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the Royal Proclamation of 1763, this display features two documents that had major repercussions on the history of Canada: the Royal Proclamation of 1763—the first constitutional act of Canada in which the British Crown recognized the rights of the First Nations over a vast territory—and the Treaty of Peace and Friendship signed by Sir William Johnson and the Huron chiefs of Detroit—one of the first treaties negotiated between the British Crown and the First Nations.

Accompanied by a map of New France as under the French regime, the display demonstrates the importance of these documents to Canada and Canadians.

Developed by the Canadian Museum of Civilization in collaboration with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada and Library and Archives Canada.

For more information, visit:
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada
Library and Archives Canada

Royal Proclamation, King George III of England
Issued October 7, 1763
Library and Archives Canada / e010778430