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Self-Guided Family Activities

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Drop by Information, located in the Main Lobby, during Museum hours and pick up one or more of these free handouts featuring fun self-guided activities, or download and print them at home.

Museum Quest-ory – Canadian History Hall

Explore Gallery 1 of the Canadian History Hall. See if you can follow each step in the self-guided quest. In this gallery, you will find people, animals and objects. Keep your eyes and ears open — and get ready to explore!

Download the handout here. (PDF file)

The Grand Hall… For Kids!

Learn about the stories and peoples of Canada’s Northwest Coast during an exploration of the Grand Hall.

Stamp Find

Explore the Canadian Stamp Collection and discover some of Canada’s best-known musical artists. Look for missing words or names on postage stamps to complete the crossword puzzle.

Download the handout here. (PDF file)

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