Mysteries of China 3D, 4K

Mysteries of China
Dates and Times on reservation
ON Grade 5 and up
QC Cycle 3 and up
DURATION: 20 minutes
EXPERIENCE: 3D, 4K, CINÉ+ screen
DISTRIBUTOR: Giant Screen Films
SYNOPSIS: Capturing one of the great archaeological events of the modern age, Mysteries of China 3D explores ancient China, the story of the First Emperor, and the foundation of the country we know today. Through the lens of the groundbreaking discovery of the Terracotta Army and the Tomb of the First Emperor, audiences learn how an accidental discovery changed everything we know about China’s past, and they are transported back to the days when a fierce leader brought together a warring nation.

Using the insights resulting from this stunning archaeological find, the film looks at the broader story of China’s transformation into a true superpower. Moving from contemporary to ancient China and back again, the film is a visual adventure, using beautiful aerial photography and cutting-edge time-lapse techniques to reveal the majesty, tragedy, splendour and growth of a rapidly evolving modern nation.