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This winter, experience an immersive architecture, sound and light piece at the Canadian Museum of History!

Until February 19, 2024
Accessible at all times (interactive experience: 8 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.)
Waterfall Court (outside)

Icebergs are ancient ice formations shaped by time and the elements, and they make unique sounds. As water seeps into their cracks and crevices, icebergs resonate like enormous pipe organs, their tones shifting and transforming as the ice melts. Inspired by these colossal natural musical instruments, the Iceberg installation consists of a series of illuminated metal arches that each make a particular sound. Arranged to form a tunnel, the arches beckon you to enter and listen to — and even play — the giant organ.

The sounds and light travel from one end of the musical corridor to the other. Iceberg’s sound and light ambiance, evoking the pure Far North, transforms in your presence. Human activity warms the gargantuan ice blocks — a palpable reminder of climate change — and transforms their original form into a visual and auditory symphony.

A thought-provoking but playful piece about climate change.

Iceberg, by ATOMIC3 and APPAREIL Architecture, a co-production of ATOMIC3 and Quartier des Spectacles Partnership distributed by QDSinternational.


Learn more about the architecture of the Canadian Museum of History during your visit.

Did you know?

The Curatorial Building (administrative wing) evokes the outcropping bedrock of the Canadian Shield, which holds the nation’s mineral wealth. The bedrock was eroded, its angular forms smoothed by the glaciers that covered it, after which the outwash streams from the melting glaciers undercut the rock.

A building
Photo: IMG2013-00999-0064-Dm

The huge glazed Grand Hall is emblematic of the great wall of a melting glacier. The copper roof vaults turned green with time, representing the eskers and drumlins of gravel and glacial till as vegetation recolonized the land.

Winter scene
Photo: IMG2022-0022-0001-Dm



Architectural Tour
Take a walk around the Museum and discover the fascinating symbolism of its architecture. Learn more about the inspiration that Indigenous architect Douglas Cardinal drew from the Canadian landscape.

Outdoor Museum Quest
Go on an outdoor family adventure using the Museum Quest handout as your guide. Explore the Museum grounds and the surrounding environment to learn about Indigenous art.

Photo at top of page:
Iceberg, from Atomic3 and Appareil Architecture – Gatineau, 2023 © Marie-Andrée Blais

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