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Annual Report 2019–2020



The Canadian Museum of History was established through the Museums Act of July 1, 1990, amended on August 29, 2014. The Museum is an autonomous Crown corporation that operates at arm’s length from the federal government in its day-to-day operations, activities and programming.

The mandate of the Museum is to:

Enhance Canadians’ knowledge, understanding and appreciation of events, experiences, people and objects that reflect and have shaped Canada’s history and identity, and also to enhance their awareness of world history and cultures.

The Corporation is governed by the Crown corporation control and accountability regime established under Part X of the Financial Administration Act, and its corporate Bylaw 1. It also complies with other statutes including the Federal Accountability Act, the Access to Information Act, the Privacy Act, the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act, the Official Languages Act and the Canada Labour Code, and aligns with the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Sector through the Corporation’s Code of Conduct. The Corporation reports to Parliament through the Minister of Canadian Heritage.

Exterior view of a building in the evening

Canadian War Museum
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The Corporation achieves its mandate through the following three core responsibilities, which replace the former Program Alignment Architecture.

Exhibition, Education and Communication of Canada’s History

The Museum develops, maintains and communicates exhibitions, programs and activities to further knowledge, critical appreciation and respect for the experiences, people and objects that reflect and have shaped Canada’s history and identity, and also to enhance awareness of world history and culture.

Collection and Research Related to Canadian History

The Museum acquires and collects artifacts to preserve, research and document human, social, cultural, military and political history, and that represent Canada’s heritage, history and identity.

Museum Facilities

The Museum manages and maintains its facilities, and related security and hosting services, in order to protect its visitors and staff, and to showcase, preserve and safeguard artifacts of historical significance for Canadians.