Alex Janvier Morning Star Cuff links


Elegant cuff links exclusively designed for the Canadian Museum of History.

Rodhium plated brass. Five styles are available: the complete multicolored Morning Star or patterns found within the four color sections (blue, red, yellow or white). Image is ⅝ of an inch or 15 mm wide and is waterproof and protected from UV rays.

Hypoallergenic, no nickel, no lead, no cadmium.

Made in Quebec.

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This product guarantees a 100% waterproof protection. This characteristic promotes greater freedom of use and thus provides greater durability. It also possesses a protection against the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The images won’t fade and will keep their brilliant colors for a long time. Images are protected with a glass dome to obtain the best rendering of the images. It accurately reproduces the colors of the image, ensures a subtle distribution and refraction of the light, while providing a greater durability. Effects that transparent resin-based petroleum can not match. Thus, this jewel has vibrant images, living, and glittering reflections for a long time. All the glasses use to embellish the jewels and to protect the images hold permanently on their support. It is guaranteed.

‘Morning Star’ was designed by Denesuline and Saulteaux Native artist Alex Janvier.

“Morning Star murals four sections represent the Medicine Wheel, culturally significant to many Aboriginals.  There are four directions, four seasons, the elements (earth, wind, fire, water), stages of life (infant, child, adult, and elder.) Also, the Denesuline people used the Morning Star as a traveling guide at night.” – Alex Janvier

Janvier’s masterpiece, painted in 1993, adorns the dome of the River Salon in the Museum. The mural rises seven stories above the salon and covers 418 m2. Janvier completed the work in just over three months, with the help of his son Dean.

Here, you will find the Morning Star on a pair of cuff links.

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