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35, 37 and 39 Wright Street

35-39 Wright Street

This building was constructed in 1901 by Magloire Dumontier, who lived there only one year before moving across the street to open the Carillon Grocery. He held onto the property, and his widow moved back in 1910. Two of the first tenants, Charles Derrah, papermaker, and Jean-Baptiste Bessette, painter, lived there for a number of years. Bessette was probably related to the Dumontier's wife, Exilda Bessette.

Charles Derrah (or Derah) was living on the street by 1891. The thirty-year-old day labourer at the pulp works had a wife, Birthy, and two children, Roy and Béatrice. They moved into this house after the fire of 1900, and had a tenant, millwright Richard Bowler. This young family, supplementing its income by taking in a lodger, was typical of the period.