Domestic, religious, commercial and industrial architecture of the city of Hull (Gatineau)

Remember When ... ?
My encounter with the architecture of old Hull
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This virtual exhibition has been produced in collaboration with the Ville de Gatineau. Thanks for support are due in particular to: Mireille Boudreault, directrice, Service des arts, de la culture et des lettres, Jacques Briand, chef, division de l'animation culturelle, Annie Brisson, responsable culturelle en patrimoine, Sonia Blouin, responsable culturelle en patrimoine, and Louise Poirier, conseillère municipale.

Ville de Gatineau

I would like to thank Michelle Guitard, a historical consultant who has been closely involved with preserving and documenting the history of Hull, for researching and writing most of the property histories. Editing and translation of those histories have been undertaken by Pierre Cantin and Victoria Barkoff. A copy of the unedited histories, complete with extensive footnotes, has been deposited with the city archives.

My thanks also to the City of Gatineau Library and Archives, Luc Brazeau, Centre de l'Outaouais des Archives nationales du Québec (ANQ-O), Library and Archives Canada, and the Canadian Museum of Civilization for providing historic images and information. Special thanks also to my colleagues at the Museum, John Willis, Stephen Alsford, Charles Whalen, Louise Renaud, and Frédéric Paradis, for their help, support, and encouragement.

Harry Foster