Domestic, religious, commercial and industrial architecture of the city of Hull (Gatineau)

Remember When ... ?
My encounter with the architecture of old Hull
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compiled by Michelle Guitard

City of Hull phone books

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        Map collection
        Fonds Foran
        Marriage register, Saint-Jean-Baptiste parish, Ottawa

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Newspapers and Periodicals
The exhaustive perusal of newspapers and periodicals ? daily, weekly, and monthly ? requires considerable effort, but can be very rewarding for the researcher. The gossip columns and special sections of daily and weekly publications provide a quantity of information on the history and evolution of the society and attitudes of the period. And obituary notices reveal considerable data on family and social relationships as well as the careers of people who made history.

Québec, Province de, Ministère des Ressources naturelles, de la Faune et de la Flore (Province of Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources, Fauna and Flora)
Bureau de la publicité des droits (BPD).
Until a few years ago, the Bureau de la publicité des droits (Office of the Publication of Rights) came under the ministère de la Justice (Ministry of Justice). Since 1840, all acts of property transactions ? sales, gifts, inheritances and contracts ? have had to be recorded. These documents are essential to the study of real estate.

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City of Hull, Archives.
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        Records of construction permits.
        Tax rolls of the City of Hull, 1876 - 1885.

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