The Eagle Feather


Kevin Locke is a world-renowned Hoop Dancer, distinguished indigenous Northern Plains flutist, traditional storyteller, cultural ambassador, recording artist, and educator. Kevin is Lakota (from the Hunkpapa Band of the Lakota Sioux), and Anishinabe. His Lakota name is Thokéya Inážiŋ, meaning “First to Arise.”

When we look up to the sky and see a beautiful eagle soaring by, we may stop to appreciate its graceful sight, but, as Kevin Locke explains, eagles also have powerful teachings to offer. In this book Kevin shares with us that each feather on the eagle’s wing represents a virtue that we can all learn from.

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Kevin Locke is a renowned artist who captivates audiences worldwide through his presentations and performances. Each year, he graces numerous venues such as performing arts centers, festivals, schools, universities, conferences, state and national parks, monuments, historic sites, powwows, and reservations. Remarkably, around eighty percent of these engagements involve children, allowing Kevin to inspire and connect with the younger generation. His exceptional talents as a dancer and musician make him a true hero and role model for youth across the globe. Moreover, Kevin finds immense joy in collaborating with children residing on reservations, where he actively contributes to the preservation and advancement of indigenous culture.

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