Leaf Dancer Insulated Lunch Bag by Maxine Noel


This insulated lunch bag is a fusion of functionality and cultural sophistication. Engineered from PVC, BPA, and latex-free materials, these bags elevate your lunch game, keeping meals fresh for up to 4 hours. Choose a lunch bag that not only serves your needs but also celebrates art and eco-friendliness.

Dimensions : 11 x 11.8 inch (28 x 30 cm)

Royalty is paid by our supplier for each product sold.

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“Mother Earth turns, and with a gentle wave of her hand another season passes” – Maxine Noel

Maxine was born in Manitoba of Santee Oglala Sioux parents. She spent her early childhood on her mother’s reserve but at the age of six she left to attend an Indian residential school. Maxine’s early career as a legal secretary was soon overshadowed by her preoccupation with painting and drawing. She took a course in advanced design where a teacher noticed Maxine’s tendency toward linear expression and encouraged her in the use of shape and line to suggest movement. She learned those sessions well, as evidenced much of her work today. Since those early days Maxine has mastered the skills of painting and drawing plus the processes of serigraphy, etching and stone lithography. Recently she has turned her talents to the creation of editions in cast paper and limited edition bronze casting.

Maxine has received excellent response to her work and is now able to devote herself full-time to the creation of art. Maxine Noel signs her artwork with her Sioux name IOYAN MANI, which translates as “Walk Beyond”.

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