Gifts from Raven


Kung Jaadee (Roberta Kennedy) is a traditional Haida storyteller, writer, Haida language teacher, singer and drummer from Haida Gwaii in Northern British Columbia.

In this book, Gifts from Raven, Kung Jaadee shares with us that Raven has given each person a special gift to share with the world. That gift is their unique talent or passion.

Dimensions : 8.5″ (21.5 cm) x 7.5″ (19 cm)

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Unveiling a heartwarming tale, Kung Jaadee takes us on a journey to explore the unique talents and passions that lie within each of us, gifts bestowed by the mystical Raven. This delightful read, recommended for children aged 4-6, inspires young minds to embrace their individuality and share their remarkable abilities with the world.

Meet Kung Jaadee, an esteemed traditional Haida storyteller, singer, and drummer hailing from the enchanting region of Haida Gwaii in Northern British Columbia. With over two decades of experience, she has enchanted audiences throughout Canada, gracing festivals, schools, museums, aboriginal celebrations, and conferences with her mesmerizing performances. Dedicated to preserving the Xaad Kil/Haida language and culture, Kung Jaadee imparts her wisdom and knowledge five days a week.

Through her traditional Haida songs, rhythmic drumming, contagious laughter, and a passion for baking, Kung Jaadee exemplifies the embodiment of her name, “Moon Woman,” a title bestowed upon her during her great uncle’s memorial feast by her cousin, Crystal Robinson.

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