First Kings of Europe: Exhibition Catalog


“First Kings of Europe” catalog unveils the transition from Neolithic villages to sophisticated monarchies in Southeastern Europe. Featuring hundreds of rare artifacts, including gold ornaments and ceremonial vessels, this exhibition offers a glimpse into the region’s ancient history. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to explore millennia-old treasures from this captivating period.

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First Kings of Europe: Exhibition Catalog
Written by Attila Gyucha and William A. Parkinson

This catalog accompanies an international exhibition, “First Kings of Europe,” and another volume, First Kings of Europe: From Farmers to Rulers in Prehistoric Southeastern Europe, that examine the artifacts and cultures of this area from the Neolithic to the Iron Age. Over several millennia, early agricultural villages gave rise to tribal kingdoms and monarchies, replacing smaller, more egalitarian social structures with complex state organizations led by royal individuals invested with power.

Several hundred objects and artifacts in the exhibition are portrayed in the catalog, accompanied by introductory text and detailed entries for each item. The spectacular and highly detailed color photographs introduce us to the gold and silver ornaments, bronze and iron weaponry, rich metal hoards and magnificent ceremonial vessels that are masterpieces from this period of history. Many of them have never left their countries of origin, making this exhibition and the two volumes documenting it an opportunity not to miss.

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