Déploiements canadiens-français et métis en Amérique du Nord (18e-20e siècle)


This work sheds new light on French-Canadian and Métis deployments in North America by showing how migration has influenced social development and collective identity. Each of the 11 chapters addresses a facet of these movements, from the mid-18th century to the Great Depression, primarily in five geographic areas — Quebec, Manitoba, New England, the American Midwest, and the Pacific Coast.

Written in French and English.

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This book is part of the research movement that gives geographical mobility, migration, and those involved their rightful place in the origins and evolution of francophone communities in North America.

The successful completion of this research is due in part to the recent contribution of population micro-databases (primarily censuses and civil registers), which were combined, as well as the digitization of numerous historical archives. The chapters — from a variety of disciplines including demography, history, geography, literary studies, and sociology — trace itineraries that illustrate mobility at various temporal, spatial and social scales.

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