Breath of Life Insulated Lunch Bag by Leah Marie Dorion


This insulated lunch bag is a fusion of functionality and cultural sophistication. Engineered from PVC, BPA, and latex-free materials, these bags elevate your lunch game, keeping meals fresh for up to 4 hours. Choose a lunch bag that not only serves your needs but also celebrates art and eco-friendliness.

Dimensions : 11 x 11.8 inch (28 x 30 cm)

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“Our breath gives us life and is the sacred vessel which carries our voice.  When words are shared with loving positive energy our world is greatly impacted.”

Leah Marie Dorion is an interdisciplinary Métis artist raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Leah views her Métis heritage as providing her with a unique bridge for knowledge between all people. Leah’s paintings honour the spiritual strength of Aboriginal women and the sacred feminine. Leah believes that women play a key role in passing on vital knowledge for all of humanity which is deeply reflected in her artistic practice. She believes women are the first teachers to the next generation.

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