What stories and objects would you be interested in?


  1. Susan Khaladkar says:

    The landing of the first transatlantic cable in 1858. The cable between Newfoundland and Ireland connected the continents of Europe and North America. For the first time, people could communicate quickly. This resulted in a lot of other changes.

  2. Ray Kaduck says:

    Isaac Brock’s tunic and anything associated with Tecumseh.

  3. Daniel Myerscough says:

    I would like to see either pictures or artifacts of the different styles of architect across the nation. Each area has (had) its own unique style that depicts the different cultures of Canada.

  4. Lesley Durham-McPhee says:

    I would like to see a history of working people in Canada. Highlight the jobs, labour laws, unions, etc. I don’t think enough Canadians are aware of the diversity of work in Canada and how their career choices are shaped by history.

  5. Tim Morin says:

    Political history, events that shaped the entire nation. Artifacts from the old Parliament buildings. Our former national flag (the Red Ensign). The present museum has too heavy a focus on indigenous people’s history.

  6. Ordinary people who have shaped our country and province says:

    List of ordinary people who have over the last 50 yrs received Canadian medals for recognition of services to and for the struggle for the improvement of peoples living laws that were formed etc. throughout the 1900 and 2000 years.

  7. Ordinary people who have shaped out country says:

    This History of “Bluegrass Music”

  8. Ordinary people who have shaped out country says:

    Would also like to see the original contract that bound Canada to the United Nations. We feel that is an important for Canada’s imput and credibility in the World.

  9. Ordinary people who have shaped out country says:

    Reaching Canadians everywhere

  10. Ordinary people who have shaped out country says:

    Their have been many people who have fought for “people services such as Women’s rights, Needs of change for populations requiring
    The Vote for all, the education for women, the equal rights amendment. Agencies that have been formed and further development of their infuence in shaping communities.

  11. Angela Wood says:

    I would like to see my ethnic experience in the museum through ANY object. I am Macedonian – a minority in Northern Greece. My family has been here for more than a century.

  12. Post says:

    this is nice information need to know more

  13. Brandi, Neil, Jed, and Jordan says:

    We would like to see the original contract that bound Canada to the United Nations. We feel that it is a very critical aspect of modern Canadian History, because the United Nations currently has a larger impact on our world today. Canada has also contributed more peacekeeping operations than any other member nation, and we feel that it helped Canada gain recognition on the World Stage.

  14. Jasmine Charette says:

    More contemporary First Nations art and artifacts. Stories of sexual minorities, the gender queer, my neighbours, housing and welfare projects, etc.

  15. Lynzii Taibossigai says:

    A replica of wampum belts, the symbol of relationship or nation building among Indigenous peoples and Canadians.

  16. Jennifer Birch says:

    Your “Iroquois” pot is a St. Lawrence Iroquoian style vessel. The Iroquois lived in New York State – not Canada! For the sake of Canadian history, please correct this classification.

  17. Rosemary Thompson says:

    I would like to see a re-creation of the committee room where MPs deliberated which submission to choose for the Canadian flag-there were hundreds of submissions from across the country. This would be circa 1968

  18. Sarah says:

    I would be interested in hearing about the objects that are precious to ordinary Canadians. The stories behind these can be fascinating.

  19. Chantal says:

    2002 lucky loonie (Salt Lake City Olympics) Canada wins Gold in hockey!

  20. Bill says:

    One of the most recognized and enduring symbols of our country is a canoe. What about Bill Mason’s canoe, or Pierre Trudeau’s, if it is still around.

We travelled across Canada with stops in the cities listed below. Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas with us during our kiosk activities and our roundtable discussions.

Province City Date Venue
British Columbia Vancouver November 9 Vancouver Public Library
British Columbia Vancouver November 10 Vancouver Flea Market
Newfoundland St. John's November 20 Memorial University of Newfoundland
Newfoundland St. John's November 20 Centre scolaire et communautaire des Grands-Vents
Nova Scotia Halifax November 21 Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21
Nova Scotia Halifax November 22 Halifax Stanfield International Airport
New Brunswick Fredericton November 23 Crowne Plaza Fredericton Lord Beaverbrook Hotel
Alberta Edmonton December 4 Prince of Wales Armouries
Alberta Edmonton December 5 University of Alberta
Ontario Toronto December 11 Toronto Reference Library
Ontario Toronto December 12 Centennial College
Saskatchewan Saskatoon January 15 Radisson Hotel Saskatoon
Saskatchewan Saskatoon January 16 The Mall at Lawson Heights
Quebec Montréal January 24 Promenades Cathédrale
Quebec Montréal January 24 Salon Cartier 1, Centre Mont-Royal
Quebec Gatineau January 31 Canadian Museum of Civilization