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Dec 3, 2015 – Apr 17, 2016

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Until April 17, 2016

Experience a myth-busting exhibition that has captivated a million people around the world. Vikings lays waste to the one-dimensional stereotype of bearded barbarians with horns on their helmets.

Marvel instead at a fabled Scandinavian culture of surprising refinement, complexity and achievement, and a supernatural world inhabited by Thor, Odin and other gods and giants. The truth is wonderfully revealed in this acclaimed international exhibition.

Vikings features a rich array of engaging interactive displays and 500 outstanding artifacts from The Swedish History Museum, some rarely displayed outside their homeland. See why Viking reality trumps Viking myth, horned helmets and all!

The exhibition was developed by The Swedish History Museum in Sweden, in partnership with MuseumsPartner in Austria, and is presented at the Canadian Museum of History.

LOCATION: Special Exhibitions
AUDIENCE: Adults, Families, Youth

Did you know?

  • The Vikings exhibition developed by The Swedish History Museum has attracted more than 1.3 million visitors worldwide.
  • Vikings features close to 500 original artifacts, many have rarely been displayed outside Sweden.
  • There is a piece of 1,000 year old bread in the Vikings exhibition.
  • The greatest divide in Viking society was between those who were free and those who were not free. In Viking society there was a wealthy/ powerful aristocracy, working free men and women, and the unfree (slaves).
  • Women of the Viking Age were more equal to men than in later times, provided they were “free women”.
  • In the Viking Age what one wore said a lot about a person.

In this video, Gunnar Anderrson, Senior Curator at The Swedish History Museum discusses why Vikings has attracted over 1.3 million visitors worldwide and describes the significance behind two precious artifacts in the exhibition.


Fact or fiction? Click on the video to find out.

Did Vikings wear horned helmets?

Were people of the Viking Age well groomed?

Did the majority of people living in the Viking Age spend their time raiding?

Did Viking women have rights?