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The Canadian History Hall

On July 1, 2017, the 150th anniversary of Confederation, the Canadian Museum of History opened the largest and most comprehensive exhibition on Canadian history ever created: The Canadian History Hall.

Thank you for supporting the Canadian History Hall

Support the Museum

Your support for the work of the Canadian Museum of History is a gift to all Canadians.

Our mission is vital and unique: Canada’s story, in all its richness and complexity, needs to be told for the benefit of present and future generations. By focusing greater attention on the people, events and experiences that have shaped our country’s development, we are telling the story of Canada more comprehensively, inclusively and candidly than ever before.

With your support, the Museum can set new standards of excellence for how we present our unique and remarkable story through exhibitions, research, education and outreach. We invite you to step into the story of Canada and make your mark in history

Areas in Need of Support

These areas of Museum activity are in need of your support:

  • Collections (Acquisition and Restoration)
  • Education and Outreach
  • Research
  • Exhibitions

Ways of Giving

As Canada’s national museum of cultural history, the Canadian Museum of History safeguards our culture, honours our past and celebrates our diversity. The Museum brings together breathtaking architecture with cutting-edge exhibitions and programming to provide both the content and context essential for all Canadians to better understand their country’s cultural history.

Making a gift to the Museum represents a remarkable acknowledgement of the value of our shared history, culture and identity. As a donor, you will touch millions of Canadians and countless others around the world every year — and help ensure that Canada’s past remains a vital part of our lives today and tomorrow.

Your philanthropic gesture can take many forms, including an Annual Donation, Monthly Donation, Tribute Gift or Legacy Gift.

Annual Donation

You are part of Canada’s history.

Our nation has been built by the sheer will of the people and you are invited to help preserve Canada’s past, by protecting and sharing our national treasures.

By making a donation today, you will be leaving your own indelible mark on Canadian history. You will ensure that our national treasures are preserved and shared for today, tomorrow and forever.

Monthly Donation

Monthly donors make a very special commitment to supporting the Museum’s mandate. By setting up a monthly donation in the amount of your choice, you can help in the advancement of our mission to help Canadians understand their country’s cultural history.

Monthly giving is an affordable and convenient way to help support the Museum, and can be a little as $10 a month.

Monthly donations can be stopped or modified at any time.

To join the Monthly Giving Program, please call us at 1-800-256-6031 or 819-776-8639.

Tribute Gifts

Looking for a meaningful gift? A gift to the Museum in honour or in memory of someone special is an excellent way to honour a friend or loved one.

Your gift is an investment in the Museum and contributes to the preservation and education of our cultural history.

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