Unleash your sense of wonder and explore the Iceberg experience at the Canadian Museum of History

December 13, 2023

This winter, enjoy an immersive architectural, sound and light experience at the Canadian Museum of History. Starting December 21, unleash your sense of wonder and experience Iceberg, a playful immersive work that tells the story of an iceberg, from its calving into the Arctic waters to its final melting.

In its natural state, the crevices within the iceberg resonate like gigantic organ pipes whose tonalities change as it gradually melts. Inspired by this monumental natural instrument, Iceberg consists of a series of illuminated metallic arches that each produce a particular sound. Arranged as a tunnel, the arches beckon you to enter, listen to, and play the giant organ, whose notes and light travel the musical corridor from end to end.

Iceberg’s sound and light ambiance, evoking the pure Far North, transforms in response to your presence. Human activity warms the gargantuan blocks and transforms their original form into a visual and auditory symphony.

Installed in the Waterfall Court (outdoors), Iceberg will be accessible free of charge at all times, with friends, solo, or with family, from December 21, 2023 to February 19, 2024. Don’t miss your chance to experience this unique and thought-provoking, but playful way to think about climate change.

More information is available at historymuseum.ca or by calling 819-776-7000 or 1‑800‑555-5621.

Iceberg, by ATOMIC3 and APPAREIL Architecture, a co-production of ATOMIC3 and Quartier des Spectacles Partnership distributed by QDSinternational.

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