Discover a spectacular kingdom of ice in world premiere of new film at CINÉ+

January 31, 2023


Join a breathtaking expedition and embark on a year-long adventure across the seasons and three continents in ARCTIC: Our Frozen Planet— BBC Earth and SK Films’ brand-new, giant-screen documentary, premiering at the Canadian Museum of History’s CINÉ+.

Starting February 4, ARCTIC: Our Frozen Planet will transport audiences to the very top of the planet, to a spectacular kingdom of ice. Here, they will discover a dynamic ecosystem where, for thousands of years, the Arctic’s indigenous people and wildlife have found ways to survive and live in harmony with its extremes.

Be immersed in the astounding world of narwhals, belugas and polar bears as they navigate ice floes. Hear the thunderous sound of stampeding caribou and muskox trying to escape hungry wolves. Be amazed by hooded seals that blow up red balloons, and ice-covered bumblebees that emerge glorious from their winter lairs.

Award-winning actor Benedict Cumberbatch narrates this stunning film that will bring audiences to the depths of the coldest inhabited place on Earth.

The world premiere of ARCTIC: Our Frozen Planet will be presented exclusively to Museum members on February 4 at 10 and 11:30 a.m. Be among the first to see this film by becoming a Museum member now at

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