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The website of the Canadian Museum of History offers online exhibitions, web modules, games and other activities to support teaching and learning across your curriculum.

Online Resources

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Browse the Canadian-history-themed packages — each is full of museum objects, archival documents, short interviews, activity suggestions and more. All content has been developed in consultation with diverse cultural communities and topic experts, and reflects current Canadian curricula.

Queen’s of Egypt Online Activities

Mission Nefertari: Seek and Find – Think you have the perceptiveness to successfully complete Mission Nefertari?  

Mission Nefertari: The Online Adventure – Embark on a virtual journey and become a junior archaeologist. Discover ancient Egypt while experiencing a new interactive game. Journey through time to help Nebet, the cat, join her mistress Queen Nefertari in her royal tomb. Decode ancient hieroglyphs, decipher the identities of Egyptian gods and explore Queen Nefertari’s beautiful tomb. Do you have what it takes to solve these puzzles and unlock the secrets of the past?

The Virtual Museum of New France invites students to discover what drew the French to North America. Students follow missionaries, cartographers, soldiers and coureurs des bois who explore New France with Indigenous allies as the colony expands. They also join Canada’s first European inhabitants in their daily activities and learn about their culture and civilization.

Online Exhibitions features web modules for students at all grade levels, from preschoolers to senior high school students. The modules cover topics as wide-ranging as the work of folklorist Marius Barbeau, Indigenous heritage and Canadian immigration, and many of them include specially designed games and activities that young people will find both entertaining and educational.

Visit our most popular online modules:

Kichi Sibi: Tracing our Region’s Ancient History, Kichi Sibi, which means great river in the Algonquin language, provides an overview of the ancient history of the Ottawa Valley using artifacts found in the region.

Face-to-Face in the Classroom is an educational program that brings students face to face with 27 fascinating people whose decisions, actions and accomplishments shaped Canada.

Souvenirs of Canada presents objects from the Museum’s collection that recall images, events and people from the past — memories that are part of the legacy that has shaped us.

Inside History – Fascinating stories about the people and artifacts behind your national human history museum.

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