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Tiny Giants

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In an adventure of giant proportions, Tiny Giants reveals the astonishing lives of the smallest of animals. With jaw-dropping drama, this pioneering film reveals the great courage and skill essential to the success of our miniature heroes in their titanic battle for survival.

A chipmunk in a wild wood and a grasshopper mouse in Arizona’s scorched deserts are both forced to grow up fast when they find themselves alone for the first time. Facing experienced rivals and huge predators, our chipmunk hero must find the courage to gather enough acorns for winter. Forced out of the family home, our adolescent grasshopper mouse is then swept away in a flash flood. He needs to learn the skills to survive and lay claim to his own patch of desert as he becomes an adult.

Only by using their ingenious superpowers can our heroes not only stay alive but also become masters of their universe.

Rating: Suitable for all audiences


Meet the grasshopper mouse and the Sonoran Desert characters

Meet the chipmunk and the other characters of the wild wood

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Dates & Times
English French
Friday, June 16, 2023
11:00 a.m.