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Teepee Time

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Teepee Time is an engaging animated preschool series following a curious little tipi as he explores the world around him. For Teepee, every experience involves learning something new, with lots of fun and adventure along the way!

Teepee Plays Lacrosse

Teepee looks for his lacrosse equipment in his room because he will soon play the game for the very first time. Oh boy! Does he know the difference between a hockey stick, golf club, butterfly net, and lacrosse stick?

After the match, Teepee dances to a song about the fun of playing sports, especially lacrosse!

Then, before naptime, he listens to a story about a magical pow wow.

Teepee Collects Leaves

Teepee collects leaves for the very first time. Equipped with a magnifying glass and a detective hat, he inspects the leaves in his garden and identifies which tree they came from.

Back in his room, Teepee dances to a song about the fun of collecting leaves.

Then, before naptime, Teepee listens to a story from the magic book.

These episodes will be followed by a short Mi’kmaq language lesson.

Teepee Time episodes are generously provided to the Canadian Museum of History by JerryCo Animation.

JerryCo Animation is North America’s first indigenous owned and operated animation studio. Since 2002 they have written, directed and produced nearly 300 episodes of indigenous language television, 150 indigenous songs and have recently completed their first animated feature, Sedna, Empress of the Sea.

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