One More River to Cross: Tales of the Underground Railroad

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The story of the Underground Railroad is one of suffering and courage, and is not only about escaping slavery but also about beginnings. 

Join historians and masterful storytellers Shannon and Bryan Prince as they bring to life  this remarkable true story with hauntingly beautiful songs by Denise Pelley and Tom Starks.

One More River To Cross is the heart-wrenching, and ultimately triumphant, true story of Isaac Brown, a Maryland slave who was cruelly separated from his family and sold to work the dreaded sugarcane plantations of Louisiana. 

After making a seemingly miraculous escape through the Deep South to the free state of Pennsylvania, Brown wrote to his wife and family to tell them of his whereabouts. His letter was intercepted by his old master, igniting a determined effort to have him extradited back to Maryland. Major legal and rhetorical battles ensued, involving the Governors of Maryland and Pennsylvania, and finally the Governor General of Upper and Lower Canada.

Photo: Casey Narcis and Eva Niederdorfer of Studio Nostalgia, Toronto, Ontario, 

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