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In My Lifetime: Contemporary Aboriginal Art

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2007-2008: Special Exhibitions Gallery D

Rebecca Belmore, Hannah Claus, David Garneau, Faye HeavyShield, Neal McLeod, Nadia Myre, Sonia Robertson and Frank Shebageget

Throughout Canada today, a complex mix of traditional values, contemporary concerns and everyday experiences informs the practices of First Nations artists.

In My Lifetime features the work of eight Aboriginal artists – some of whom have been producing insightful and provocative works for twenty years, while others have only recently come to regional and national attention. Their works address, not only timeless connections to ancestral history, but also personal memories from the artists' own lives. Taken together, these works become an eloquent “snapshot” of Canadian Aboriginal perspectives today.

The phrase “in my lifetime” implies art rooted in the artists' own experiences and recent histories. Although the works vary significantly in approach and form, they are linked by a mastery of media and ideas. In My Lifetime highlights contemporary art which is given life by the diverse cultural connections and personal artistic choices of Aboriginal artists from across the country.