Great North

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Discover the Arctic regions of Quebec and Labrador, and journey to northern Sweden. Great North explores these lands, as well as the peoples whose ingenuity has enabled them to adapt to an environment both harsh and rich.

With Inuit guide Adamie Inukpuk, Great North follows herds of caribou through the Canadian North as they cover more than 7,000 kilometres in an annual trek that makes them the greatest migrating land mammal on Earth. Opening a unique window on the northern landscape, the film captures tawny caribou from the air as they race across the white deserts of winter, and follows them through a brief and colourful summer on the tundra.

In the Arctic reaches of Sweden, the Saami people learned to tame the reindeer before other cultures had domesticated the horse. The Saami are the “cowboys” of the North, and audiences are invited to an autumn round-up as the Saami care for their reindeer herds. With the traditional music of the jojk and modern methods such as helicopters and cell phones, the Saami gather a huge swirling mass of 5,000 reindeer from the surrounding woods and mountains.

Great North also follows the Inuit and Saami into their snow houses and tents, showcasing unique ways of life that are perfectly adapted to extreme environments. As they pass on important values to their children — such as patience and a respect for nature and the bonds of community — the Inuit and Saami are ensuring that their ways of life will remain eternal.

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