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First Peoples Hall

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The First Peoples Hall celebrates the history, diversity, creativity, resourcefulness and endurance of Canada’s First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples. In doing so, it presents a vivid record of cultural richness and a story of survival, renewal and vitality.

Through more than 2,000 historical and contemporary objects, images and documents, the First Peoples Hall depicts the traditional cultures of Aboriginal peoples across Canada and how European contact and settlement impacted the people and their cultures. Visitors will encounter ceremonial and everyday objects, such as clothing and tools, as well as ceremonial objects and some of the oldest artifacts in the Museum’s collection — amongst them one of the oldest representations of a human face. Visitors will also discover ancient and contemporary interpretations of myths and other traditional ways of knowledge, as well as videos, art and vivid dioramas. They will learn about the achievements of contemporary Aboriginal peoples in every aspect of Canadian society — as artists, athletes, writers, soldiers, teachers, political leaders and more.

A visit to the First Peoples Hall will leave you with a better understanding of the diversity of First Peoples, of their past and continuing contributions to Canada and the world, and of their ancient bond and relationship to the land.