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Expedition: Arctic

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Expedition: Arctic, the most diverse discoveries, the most ships used and the most territory covered in an unforgettable expedition of success and tragedy.

Walk in the boots of the scientists, explorers, Inuit guides and the many others who took part in this historic Arctic adventure. The exhibition revives the goals, human drama and achievements of the Expedition, exploring its impacts on the local people and landscape of Canada’s Far North. Ultimately, it redrew the map of the Arctic and expanded our understanding of its environment and cultures.

Discover the virtual exhibition Northern People, Northern Knowledge, full of stories, photos and films on the Expedition.

Expedition: Arctic offers a chance to “become” one of the many members of the Expedition and imagine its hardships and successes; discover the travel technologies of the day; experience life in the camps; and learn about the immense, lasting contribution to our understanding of the Arctic.

From artifacts and specimens to archival photographs and film footage, sound recordings and many interactive stations, this exhibition retraces the footsteps of the men and women who explored Canada’s Far North.

The exhibition is organized by the Canadian Museum of Civilization in collaboration with the Canadian Museum of Nature.

Anavik at Banks Peninsula, Bathurst Inlet, Northwest Territories (Nunavut) Photo © Canadian Museum of Civilization, Photo Rudolph Martin Anderson, 1916, 39026