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Picturing Arctic Modernity – North Baffin Drawings from 1964

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Picturing Arctic Modernity – North Baffin Drawings from 1964 is a travelling exhibition, curated by Dr Norman Vorano, featuring 50 extraordinary drawings recently acquired by the Canadian Museum of History. Created in the spring of 1964 by Inuit men and women from the Nunavut regions of Clyde River (Kanngiqtugaapik), Pond Inlet (Mittimatalik), and Arctic Bay (Ikpiarjuk), the drawings eloquently document the thoughts, concerns, memories and observations of the people of Nunavut during a time of social upheaval. This innovative, multi-artist, trilingual exhibition, produced in close association with individuals from the region, is rich in firsthand accounts, stories and recollections about ways of life depicted in the drawings, while acknowledging Terry Ryan, the man who encouraged the artists to record their experiences on paper 50 years ago. Audiovisual material based on interviews in the North Baffin region is integral to the exhibition’s content and enriches the visitor experience.

A travelling exhibition developed by the Agnes Etherington Art Centre at Queen’s University and the Canadian Museum of History, with the assistance of the Pond Inlet Archives, Ilisaqsivik, Ittaq and Piqqusilirivvik, and funded in part by the Museums Assistance Program of the Government of Canada.

Where is this exhibition travelling?

Location Dates
Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby November 17, 2018 – January 13, 2019
Woodstock Art Gallery, Woodstock February 16, 2019 – June 30, 2019

Joshua Koomangapik (Pond Inlet), Man wearing Antlers, 1964, Canadian Museum of History

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