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Beyond 150: Intersections of Journalism and History

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An inside look at the ways in which journalism and history connect and support one another.

Historians often turn to journalism when interpreting the past. In the new Canadian History Hall, curators used newspaper articles as evidence of events and to explore public reaction, while also using contemporary journalism to determine potential stories. It is a journalist’s job to record events as they happen. It is a historian’s job to interpret voices from the past. Often, however, it is not that clear-cut. Join us for a panel discussion on the intersections between journalism and historical practices with award-winning journalist Randy Boswell, and the Museum’s curator of media and communications, Olivier Côté. They will discuss the use of journalism from media, museum and historical perspectives, as well how this can affect the ways in which we record and describe the past.

The panel is in English with simultaneous translation into French.

Recommended Audience: Youth ages 16+ and adults

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