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Awesome Sundays: Awesome Gold

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Be dazzled by science, history and fun during a day of gold-themed family activities. Discover a gold mine of information, hunt for gold nuggets and make some gold slime.

We’re aiming for the gold standard of awesome as we mine the exhibition Gold Rush! – El Dorado in British Columbia for a day of adventurous activities. Dig up a gold mine of facts about the science and history of the precious metal from our special guest. Discover why gold has been so highly valued since ancient times as a source of wealth, a symbol of prestige and a material of adornment. Go on a gold nugget hunt, searching for hidden treasures throughout the Special Exhibitions. Get your hands dirty with a collaborative craft project that’s worth its weight in laughter, if not gold: making a bowl of shimmery slime. Then, personalize your own “poke,” which you can use to take a nugget of the gold slime home with you.

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