Acres of Dreams – Settling the Canadian Prairies

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2005-2006: Special Exhibitions Gallery C

This exhibition will introduce visitors to the history of changing idealistic impressions of the West and will explore the story of how and why the West has been perceived as a Canadian Utopia for the last 150 years. Visitors will discover a crucial chapter in Canada's history, focusing on the challenges and experiences of millions of settlers, and the extraordinary international marketing campaign launched by the government to lure them to the West.

By launching the exhibit in 2005, the anniversary of the creation of the provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Museum will take a national leadership role in celebrating this seminal date while presenting a major Western Canadian story that has never before been exhibited in either the East or West. This exhibition will speak to all Canadians of the great beauty of the Western land, and of the riches of its natural resources. It will show that Prairie optimism endures, as new energy sources are found, and as pluralistic societies find a place for themselves in communities across the West.

The exhibition was developed by the Canadian Museum of Civilization in collaboration with Library and Archives Canada.