This Web module is partly funded by Canadian Culture Online (CCO), an initiative of the Department of Canadian Heritage. One of CCO's objectives is to connect Canadians with their diverse heritage through a collaborative approach to presenting key collections online from Canada's federal, cultural heritage institutions.


Geneviève Eustache

CCO Managers

Paul Crêtes
Barbara Rottenberg
Audrey Vermette

Research and Writing

Christina Bates, Curator, History of Canadian Home Life, Costume and Textiles
Andrea Melvin, Historian
Alan Stewart, Historian

Educational content and games

Maryrose O’Neill


Tania Aldred
Anneh Vanessa Fletcher

Audio Digitization

Dalton Campbell

Archives Team Leaders

Tania Aldred
Patricia Forget

Archives Team

Tania Aldred
Dalton Campbell
Nancy Lauzière
Nicolas Le Quang
Véronique Paris
Hannah Solway

Artifacts Team Leaders

Michelle Godin
Annie Laflamme

Artifacts Team

Lindsay Archibald
Mike Artelle
Emilie Bracewell
Paul Durand
Michelle Godin
Stéfanie St-Jean

Web Team Leaders

David Harkness
Heidi Lasi
Carol-Ina Trudel

Web Team

Mylène Choquette
Michael Doucette
Laura-Lise Roy
Nadera Slimani
Michèle St-Germain

Collections Managers

Mary Beaudry
Lise Treau de Coeli

System Administration

Robert Patterson: Artifacts database
Sarah Prower: Archives database

3D photography


Web Design and Production

Pheromone, Web Design and Development
Steven Macinnis Software, Web Service Development

Web Administration and Support (CMCC)

Shane Bryson
Sandra Hammel

Image Digitization

Digital Creations

Translation and Editing Services

Christian Bérubé
Cindy Garay
Joey H. L.
Consult Ink
Sheila Singhal (Artistic License)
RTG Protech
Christiane Ryan
Paula Sousa

The team wishes to thank Madeleine Dorion for her administrative support.