NLaka'pamux Clothing in Transition

CMC PCD 96-969-001

CMC PCD 97-504-037

CMC PCD 96-969-022

CMC PCD 96-969-006

  1. Moccasins; NLaka'pamux, acquired 1925; buckskin, cloth, beads, cotton thread. CMC II-C-466 a,b

  2. Woman's cap; NLaka'pamux, acquired 1925; buckskin, weasel skin, beads, pigment, sinew. The beaded design represents "earth line" and "trees". CMC II-C-496

  3. Woman's gloves; NLaka'pamux, acquired 1925; buckskin, silk thread, cotton thread. CMC II-C-603

  4. Dress; made by Mandy Brown, Lytton, British Columbia, 1992; skin, porcupine quills, beads, rabbit fur, cotton thread. (detail of decoration on the back) CMC II-C-738

NLaka'pamux clothing styles and materials changed quickly after the arrival of the fur trading posts. The introduction of new materials from the fur trade brought new designs. Floral imagery became a popular decorative motif.