NLaka'pamux Male Costumes

CMC S94-36835; PCD 96-970-010

Man's outfit - cape, leggings, shirt, cap, moccasins; NLaka'pamux, acquired 1913-1916; buckskin, sinew, paint, hemp, thread, bone, shell, wool, dye.

NLaka'pamux clothing consisted of a few garments. Men wore a shirt, long leggings, a breechcloth and moccasins. Women wore a dress, short leggings and moccasins. In cold or rainy weather, people added a cape or poncho and a hat.

CMC S94-36789; PCD 96-969-012

Clothing for a young boy reflected his family's wealth and standing.

Boy's outfit - shirt, leggings, headband; NLaka'pamux, acquired 1916; buckskin, Indian hemp thread, sinew, marmot skin, paint. CMC II-C-602