Dionne Smocked Dresses

CMC S95-20656-62; PCD 97-450-026

Goosey Gander; ca. 1940; cotton. CMC 994.13.1

The famous Dionne Quintuplets were born May 28, 1934, in Corbeil, Ontario. As the first known quintuplets to survive beyond a few hours after birth, these girls attracted worldwide attention, curiosity, and admiration. They were also a welcome diversion from the economic climate, and the worries of the Depression.

CMC PCD 97-450-028

The Quintuplets' names were lent to endorse a variety of commercial products, they were featured in newsreels and on magazine covers, and they made guest appearances on national radio. These cotton smocked dresses were worn by Yvonne, Annette, Cécile, Émilie, and Marie during their first CBC radio broadcast in 1940.