Marriage Quilt

 CMC PCD 94-664-004

By Mary Morris; Elgin, Ontario; 1825; cotton, linen; 200 x 185 cm; R. McKendry Collection. CMC 79-237

Quilting bees were sometimes courting occasions, with men invited to observe the deft fingers of their intended; some even participated. A special, highly decorated quilt intended for the marriage bed often became the single most important piece in a girl's hope chest. This marriage quilt dates from 1825, and contains European-influenced motifs in the embroidered designs.

 CMC PCD 94-664-005

Mary Morris made the piece for her hope chest at the age of fourteen, but never used it. Tragically, she was born with a club-foot and never married. Nor was the quilt used by subsequent owners.

 CMC PCD 94-664-006