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Collections often reveal something about their owners. Her Majesty’s Stamps showcases the stamp collection of the Royal Family, a collection that bares the mark of each of the successive monarchs who contributed to its development.

King George V, who made the collection what it is today, was a passionate collector who collected the stamps of Great Britain and the Commonwealth. George V took a special interest in stamp design, which is reflected in some of the material of this world-class collection. King George VI, who took the collection over after his brother Edward VIII abdicated the throne, made his mark upon it by collecting the stamps of his reign. Today, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, influences the development of the collection by authorizing the acquisition of important philatelic pieces and promoting the collection’s exhibition and preservation.

Do you have a collection of your own?

What do you collect?

Stamps? Shoes? China? Postcards? Spoons? Stickers?

We want to know.

You are invited to submit a short video (no more that 3 minutes long) telling us about you and your collection.

Don’t forget to include the following in your video:

-Your first name;
-Your passion for collecting what you do;
-What your collection says about you.

To upload your video:

  1. Go to Her Majesty’s Stamps | My Collection YouTube group.

  2. Log into YouTube if you have not already done so.

  3. Click the "Join This Group".

  4. Once you have joined our YouTube group, click the 'Add Videos' link.

  5. From here you can either add one of your existing videos to the group or upload a new video. Please see YouTube Help for more details about this.

  6. Once uploaded, your video will be visible on our YouTube group page. Certain selected videos will also be available to view on this page.
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