Souvenirs of Canada - Souvenirs Record Special Moments in Our Lives


Virtual Exhibition Content:
Dr. Peter E. Rider, Curator, and Crystal Soames

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Web Page Production:
Sandra Hammel

Exhibition Photography:
Steven Darby

Exhibition Text Transcription and Verification:
France Levesque and Henriette Levasseur

Special thanks to members of the team who planned, prepared, built and installed the exhibition Souvenirs of Canada shown at the Canadian Museum of Civilization from 1994 until 2005.

Chantal Baril
Gilles Bourgeois
Marilyn Boyd
Stéphane Breton
Pilar Bryson
Kevin Burgess
Dawn Carlisle
Elaine Copland
Gilles Dansereau
Alain Denis
Luc Desjardins
Ken Easton
Harry Foster
Danièle Goulet
Daniel Goulet
Peter Irwin
Roland Jacob
Anna Jakobiec
Christine Jodoin
Silvia Kindl
John Kohler
Denis Larouche
Paul Lauzon
Dave Magladry
Bob Morin
Guy Morin
Maria Nera
Paul Oliveira
Wojtek Piskorz
Dr. Peter Rider
Raymond Roy
Martin Skeen
Paula Sousa
John Staunton
Laura Taylor
Bela Toth
Richard Villemaire
Geoff Wonnacott

Some of the members of the exhibition team:

Members of the exhibition team - May 95#6

Front Row: Laura Taylor, Silvia Kindl, Chantal Baril (Designer), Dawn Carlisle, Pilar Bryson, Maria Nera (Project Manager), John Kohler, Denis Larouche, Dr. Peter Rider (Curator).
Back Row: Paul Lauzon, Richard Villemaire, Kevin Burgess, Alain Denis, Stéphane Breton, Anna Jakobiec, Roland Jacob, Peter Irwin, Gilles Bourgeois, Christine Jodoin, Wojtek Piskorz, Luc Desjardins.

Photo Credit: Steven Darby, CMC, 1994.