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Treasuring Our Roots - What keepsakes do you treasure?

Menu and Programme - D-2507 g,h - CD97-340-086

Bottle - D-2591 - CD96-122-097
Menu from Balmoral Castle and programme for a play at Windsor Castle. (D-2507 g,h) Bottle. France, 18th century. Said to have been passed to an English soldier, Sergeant Poole, by a French defender during a lull in the fighting at the seige of Quebec, the bottle was treasured by the Poole family for generations. Gift of Mrs. Lucy A. Rogers, Kidderminster, England. (D-2591)

Autograph Book - 984.18.6 - CD97-343-038

Lace - D-3949 - CD97-502-036
Autograph Book. "Aldine", L.A. Lipman, U.S.A., 1881-86. Owned originally by Jane Henderson, Marshville, Ontario. Gift of Mr. M.H. O'Neill, Kanata, Ontario. (984.18.6) Lace reportedly made for the Ursuline Sisters by Anne of Austria, wife of King Louis XIII. This gift to the Ursulines was preserved at their convent in Quebec City for many years. France, 17th century.

Billy Club - D-9261 - CD97-503-035

Billy Club. Used against strikers by "Special Police" during the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919, this club was kept by J.S. Woodsworth, a strike leader and future statesman. The strike, intended to win rights for working people that are now taken for granted, was crushed by a combination of business interests and government. Gift of Mrs. Grace MacInnis, Ottawa. (D-9261)