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Pipe - D-2642 - CD95-379-007

Calendar - M-243 - CD97-503-096
Wooden Pipe. (D-2642) Calendar, Martel's Garage, St. Pierre, Manitoba. Germany, 1956. Gift of Mrs. Faye Brûlé, Dufrost, Manitoba. (M-243)

Playing cards - D-15056 - CD96-109-044

Can - 993.56.2 - CD97-494-011, CD97-494-013
Playing cards, British Columbia scenery. Clarke & Stuart, Canada, ca.1910. (D-15056) Can, "Saskatchewan Fresh Air". Midwest Litho, Canada, 1971. Gift of Steve Prystupa, Ottawa. (993.56.2)

Ashtray - F-10001 - CD95-378-093

Figurine - D-2995 - CD97-501-071
Ashtray, dried cod. On the base is the outline of Newfoundland.
Figurine, RCMP on horse. Royal Worcester, United Kingdom, 1967. (D-2995)