Canadian Nursing History Collection Online Medal - 2000.111.102 - CD2004-0369 / D2004-6127
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Hospital Uniforms

Nurses' uniforms were designed for both practical and symbolic purposes. Which aspects of the uniforms relate directly to the work of the nurse? How do the uniforms show allegiance to a particular hospital or nursing school? How do they relate to the fashion of the time? How do the uniforms show the educational status of the nurse? Since most nurses were women, what do the uniforms reveal about ideals of femininity of the time? Why did hospital uniforms disappear?



What different styles of nurses' caps exist in the collection? What different ways did nurses have to keep their caps on? Why did hospitals change the design of their caps? What is the significance of the coloured bands?


School Pins

Who made these pins? What do the various symbols on the pins mean?


Instrument Kits

Which instruments were essential to the nurses' practice? Which interventions did nurses - as opposed to doctors - carry out? Compare the instruments with the instructions for their use in nursing textbooks. How have instruments and procedures changed over time?


Instructional Books

What instructions are given in the books for use of the instruments, such as hypodermic syringes or thermometers? How did nursing practice change over time, according to various editions of the books?


Medal - 2000.111.102 - CD2004-0369 / D2004-6127